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How to dispose of a fridge: 5 fast & easy solutions

There is nothing like upgrading your kitchen with a brand new appliance, such as a fancy refrigerator. Now, before you fit your newly bought machine in the spot of the old one and fill it up with delicious food, you need to figure out a way to dispose of your previous refrigerator. We know that getting rid of a whole fridge looks like an absurdly hard task to complete, but not when you have Rainbow Rubbish Removals to help you out!

In this nifty article, you are going to find information about the 5 best ways to dispose of an old fridge, so you can pick the best option for you!

Ready to learn about how to dispose of a fridge? Then let’s start with the first solution:

1. Sell the refrigerator

Selling your appliance is probably the best option when it comes to answering the question of how to dispose of a fridge. If the refrigerator is a good shape or a newer model, you can always put it up for sale on eBay or on some other type of online or offline marketplace. The best part of this option is that you can get a really good price for your appliance, especially if it still has its warranty. 

With that in mind, you need to make sure that the refrigerator is working properly before you place an ad for it – you just don’t want to be the person that sells faulty appliances to innocent people. 

2. Gift the appliance to a family member or friend

If the appliance is in good shape, meaning that besides being and looking well-loved, it’s still up and running, why don’t you give it to a member of your family or a friend, who’s in need of a “new” refrigerator?

Of course, before you decide to go searching for a candidate for your old belonging, make sure to inspect it and fix any potential issues. After all – you don’t want to start a fight over a faulty appliance, right? If you find someone who wants the refrigerator, you can ask them to come and pick it up – after all, you are giving the thing for free. 

Needless to say, if your refrigerator is broken beyond repair, the “donate it to someone in need” option is off the table. 

3. Ask the manufacturer to pick it up

Yup, this is a thing – you can actually try to get the manufacturer of the appliance to come and pick up the old refrigerator. Of course, there are a few important aspects that you need to note when it comes to this option.

First of all, not all appliance manufacturers offer this type of service. Second, if they do, the solution will most likely be a part of some type of one-to-one trade-in program, which entails that you can get this service only if you buy your replacement refrigerator from the exact same company. If you are OK with these factors, it’s a no brainer that if you didn’t like the performance, or any other aspect, of the old refrigerator, you probably won’t want to buy a new one from the same brand. 

Besides the above-mentioned details, many appliance manufacturers also have specific requirements for the state of the previous fridge, meaning that if yours is dead or damaged in some other way, they might not pick it up.

To put it simply – yes, it might sound like the perfect answer to the question of how to dispose of a fridge, but in reality this solution comes with a lot of fine print that you need to consider.

4. Throw away the refrigerator 

If you can’t sell, donate or get the appliance manufacturer to dispose of the appliance, you can always throw away the refrigerator. The bad news is that the whole process of loading the appliance in your vehicle, given that you have a big enough car, transporting it to a landfill or recycling center and unloading is quite hard. On top of that, there are also the fees that come with using such services.

With that in mind, you can make things a whole lot easier for yourself. How, you may ask? Well, the answer is pretty simple and it is… 

5. Hire a professional removals company to dispose of the fridge

Hiring a professional removals company to dispose of your old refrigerator is the best solution that you can find, when searching for a fast and easy way to get the appliance out of your property. Basically, to organise such a service, all you have to do is contact the company, book an appointment and they will send you a removals team, who will relocate your appliance – it’s easy as that. 

Book Rainbow Rubbish Removals’ fridge and freezer disposal services

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Bigger and heavier appliances can be a complete headache to dispose of and refrigerators are not an exception to this rule. Sometimes, when Lady Luck has decided to be on your side, you get to sell the appliance or to donate it, however – this is a rare occurring event. That said, if you want to get rid of your old appliance fast, a professional removals company is always the best solution. If you’ve decided to make things easier for yourself, book Rainbow Rubbish Removals for the job!

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