Builders Rubbish Disposal in London

When it comes to construction or renovation, most people try as much as possible to reduce costs and buy only what they need and no extras. But it is almost impossible to know the exact quantity of materials to be used, so at the end of the day, some materials end up redundant. Rainbow Rubbish Removals offers various rubbish removal services, one of which is Construction Rubbish Removal.

How does it work?

Step 1: Contact us
Use the quote form on this page to contact us or simply call us.

Step 2: Get a quote
Describe what you want to be removed (or send us a photo) and we will send you a quote.

Step 3: Schedule an appointment
Pick a date and time convenient for you. Can even arrange a same-day visit if you call before 10 AM.

Step 4: Clearance
Our professional team will collect and load all items you want to be removed into our van.

Step 5: Recycling
After your items are collected, our team will transport them to the nearest dumping ground for recycling.

Our crew consists of a licensed workforce that is skilled and well trained in many areas including removal and disposal of all kind of junk except hazardous waste. The most important benefit of rubbish removal on a construction site is that it prevents project delays and reduces incidents such as on-site injuries which are very common. Our team will come fully equipped with the appropriate tools needed to remove hard waste. You can choose to sell some of the leftover or reusable materials but whatever is left is recycled or refurbished where possible and the rest are discarded in the most eco-friendly way.

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What construction rubbish do we collect?

We are available to remove any type of construction or renovation waste anywhere in London. Our prices depend on the amount of waste to be cleared. We require a detailed description of the task and will prefer to be informed of the involvement of any hazardous content for the purpose of proper preparation. We offer efficient, safe, and eco-friendly removal of construction waste including but not limited to; building materials such as nails, roofing materials, electrical wiring, insulation, wood, concrete, and others, waste emanating from site preparation such as wreckage or broken bricks, tree stumps, etc.

Roofing tiles
Roofing tiles
Window glass and glazing
Roof aerials
Toilets / baths
Rubble, bricks, rocks, stones and hardcore
Wood / timber
Drain pipes
Floor tiles
Wall tiles
Kitchen fittings and units
Kitchen fittings and units
Other construction junk


CapacityTime LoadingPrice (Excl. VAT)
Min Charge or 50 kg10 mins£40
1/4 or 300 kg20 mins£90
2/4 or 500 kg40 mins£150
3/4 or 800 kg50 mins£200
Full Van or 1000 kg60 mins£280

* Maximum load capacity of the van is 14 cubic yards, the equivalent of 2.5 skips.
** Quotes given over the phone or email by our operators are not final because they cannot take into consideration waste weight, parking and access to the property.
*** We calculate our prices based on weight, volume, loading time, packaging and disassembling (for furnitures and appliances).
**** When access to the property is difficult we charge extra.

What our clients say

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We know that timing is important for you, especially when you have rubbish laying around and waiting to be collected. That’s why we do our best to process requests within 15 minutes after you submit the request. Please note that requests sent after 8 PM will be processed on the next day between 8 AM and 10 AM. Request sent on Sundays will be processed on the next day. We will contact you via e-mail or phone in case additional details are required.

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