Hassle-free School Clearance Services

Chairs in Classroom

When it comes to dealing with the disposal of school furniture, tech equipment, etc., the job must be completed in the fastest and most efficient way possible. We, at Rainbow Rubbish Removals, can help you complete this type of task. How? Well, thanks to our trained and insured removal teams, who are ready to perform a high-quality school clearance service!

We can dispose of any sort of school item!

We really do mean it! Just point the disposal team to the piece of furniture or item you need to be removed and they will make it disappear! Here are all of the school items we can take care of:

Computers, monitors, tech equipment
Bookcases and shelving
Office, boardroom, reception and other desks
Waste paper

If you have anything extra special on your list and you aren’t sure that we can remove it for you, just call us and we’ll tell you if we can handle the job or not.

Our school clearance service in 5 steps

Step 1: Give us a heads up

The whole thing starts off with you contacting us. This can be done by you filling out this short form or by giving us a call – pick the option that you find most convenient.

Step 2: We’ll prepare you a quote

Share with us as much information as possible about the type of items you need removed from the property and we’ll provide you with a price for your school clearance service.

Step 3: Finish your appointemnt

Once you’ve gotten your quote and you are happy with it, the next part of the procedure is to pick a day and time for the service appointment. Our removal teams have a very flexible schedule and work the entire week, including on public holidays, which means that you can have them come whenever you like.

Step 4: The school clearance service

We’ll send you a collection crew, who will arrive at the school to pick up the requested items for you.

Step 5: Recycling

The team will collect the items you need to be removed, load them inside the vehicle they arrived in and relocate them to a specialised recycling facility. There the items will be processed in a nature-friendly manner.

Note that if you decide that you need any extra items removed from the school, all you have to do is pick up the phone and tell us. We’ll inform the team about the change of plan, so they can prepare for the job. From then on, the only thing left to do is for you to prepare the pieces for the crew to collect. To do this, place the smaller items in plastic bags and position them on a visible spot.

The price of our school clearance services

CapacityTime LoadingPrice (Excl. VAT)
Min Charge or 50 kg10 mins£40
1/4 or 300 kg20 mins£90
2/4 or 500 kg40 mins£150
3/4 or 800 kg50 mins£200
Full Van or 1000 kg60 mins£280

* Maximum load capacity of the van is 14 cubic yards, the equivalent of 2.5 skips.

** Quotes given over the phone or email by our operators are not final because they cannot take into consideration waste weight, parking and access to the property.

*** We calculate our prices based on weight, volume, loading time, packaging and disassembling (for furniture and appliances).

**** When access to the property is difficult we charge extra.

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Receive your quote today!

Big disposal jobs, like a school clearance, for example, can take a lot of time and need some serious muscle. This is where we, at Rainbow Rubbish Removals, come in! Book our affordable school clearance services now and leave the removal job to the professionals!

    With all of this being said, if you decide to book your school clarence service after 8 PM, the request will be processed on the next working day. Same applies for orders made on a Sunday.

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