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How to dispose of small kitchen appliances

All types of kitchen appliances tend to wear and tear and it’s a waste of time, energy and finances to fix them. A much better option is to get rid of all small kitchen appliances that no longer serve any practical purpose in your household.

The waste removal specialists at Rainbow Rubbish Removal have removed hundreds of these and would gladly share their expertise on how to properly dispose of kitchen items you no longer need.

What falls under the label “Small kitchen appliance”

To make things clear from the start, we would like to give you a list of the most common domestic appliances people tend to get rid of when they no longer work.

Anything you see in this list will either have to be disposed of at some point in your life, or is no longer adding any value to your kitchenware and maybe you should consider to throw it anytime soon:

  • Food processor
  • Espresso machine
  • Blender
  • Multi-cooker
  • Immersion blender
  • Rice cooker
  • Toaster oven
  • Hand mixer
  • Immersion circulator
  • Electric grill
  • Slow cooker
  • Fryer
  • Egg cooker
  • Juicer
  • Popcorn machine

We might be missing a few, but you get the idea – if it’s in your kitchen and is powered by electricity, you’ll have to dispose of it at some point.

Our job is to tell you how to do this in a safe manner, while remaining eco-friendly towards nature until the appliance gets recycled or repurposed into something more useful such as decorations made of repurposed electric appliances.

Preparing for the kitchen appliance disposal process

  1. Unplug the electric appliances in advance. For electronic items such as fridges and freezers, take this precaution at least a day before the moment you plan to throw it out.
  2. Separate recyclables from non-recyclable components. When you dispose of appliances in your home, separate glass, plastic and metal as precisely as possible.
  3. If power cables are removable, take advantage of this functionality and disattack the cables from all devices. This will help for more efficient recycling, plus – you can use the power cables on alternative kitchenware that use similar power plugs.
  4. Research all recycling options nearby you. Read local forums on recycling, contact local authorities, use Google to find local recycling centres, etc.
  5. Think about transportation of all small kitchen appliances when disposing of them. Will you load them all inside your personal vehicle or you can afford to hire a van for the job? If donating is an option (and the appliances are perfectly usable but have minor cosmetic issues), then transportation may come for free.
  6. Come up with ideas for finding affordable cardboard boxes for all small kitchen appliances. You cannot scatter them all inside a vehicle’s boot – that would slow down loading and transportation. Using plastic boxes for the job will not be affordable, the only adequate solution is to find cardboard boxes cheap and utilise them as containers for the disposal job.

Consider hiring a removals company

You can easily avoid all the downsides of the appliance disposal job by not taking care of it personally. There are experts who have excelled in appliance removal services after doing it for years professionally and such might actually bring more benefits to you such as any of the following:

  • You’ll certainly save time.
  • Your vehicle will be at full disposal to you and your family.
  • No effort required in searching for a recycling centre (all waste removal experts work with trusted businesses in this field). 
  • While getting rid of the small kitchen appliances, you can add whatever else you need to get rid of to it and complete 2 jobs at a time.
  • Minimising the risk of injuries if you have to dispose of heavier appliances as well.
  • The whole process will be completed according to all local regulations (something which you will not have to research yourself). If any of the law is not followed, you may end up paying a huge fee for being noncompliant.

When recycling or disposal of small kitchen appliances is not an option

Replacing kitchenware with updated models of the small appliances you’ve been using so far, puts the responsibility on you to get rid of the old kitchenware.

When neither recycling, nor disposal are options, the only logical move left is to find a way to sell what still works.

We suggest the following solutions in case you decide to sell all of it:

  1. Start by contacting friends. Some of them might be in a desperate need of what you no longer need in the kitchen. While there’s a chance that they won’t offer cash for it, the very act of helping someone in need is enough. 
  2. Organise a garage sale for your neighbours, excluding your relatives and friends, they are the people who might trust you to a point where they see this sale as an opportunity.
  3. Check on your parents. This is something most people miss out as an opportunity due to the dynamics nowaday’s pace of life. If you maintain healthy, frequent communication with your parents, they would be positive towards using small kitchen appliances you have recently disposed of.

Sell online

Although it may sound too obvious, most people are not familiar how to effectively prepare to sell their used items online and perform poorly in it, ending up selling only a few things or nothing at all.

Here are a few tips on important steps that you don’t want to miss when you really want to reap great benefits with your online sales:

  1. Take good photos of each small appliance (don’t make photos of grouped items unless you want to offer a discount on everything on the photo when bought in a bulk).
  2. Come up with original, smart headlines that will serve as a click-bait. This will increase the overall number of impressions on your online ad.
  3. Be as honest as possible – you don’t want negative reviews on an online platform. where you may sell more stuff later. In addition to this, if the items are not as advertised, they may be returned to you at your costs.
  4. List the details of your location in case someone who lives nearby shows interest in picking a small appliance personally.
  5. Explain in detail why you’re selling – the ad becomes less suspicious and converts into a sale better.
  6. Respond to potential buyer’s questions in a timely manner.


Disposing of small kitchen appliances may be an easy job, but it is definitely a tedious one. If you don’t feel like wasting precious hours on trying to find a buyer for your old microwave or just to drive the item to a recycling centre, you can always hire a professional disposal company to do it instead. 

We hope that you’ve enjoyed our article and found it helpful. And, of course, if you are in need for a disposal company to get rid of your small kitchen appliances, you can always give us a call. 

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