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Rubbish Removal in Brixton

Rainbow Rubbish Removals is a London-based waste removal team providing hassle-free rubbish removal in Brixton and the surrounding areas. We handle diverse waste types like household rubbish, garden waste, and office clearances with expertise.

We offer efficiency, eco-friendliness, and flexibility. All services are tailored to fit your individual requirements. If you’re not based in Brixton, explore the other areas we cover for reliable waste disposal solutions.

Get a quote for rubbish removal in Brixton

Our rubbish removal services in Brixton

How our Brixton rubbish removal services work

Step 1: Contact us

First things first, contact our team today and request a quote for your waste collection. This can be done using the online form, contacting us via email or, or by giving us a call. 

Step 2: Provide details

Next, let us know how much waste needs collecting and the type of waste it is. The best way to do this is by providing us with photos and descriptions of the waste type and quantity. We’ll review this information and offer you a personalised quote for our rubbish removal services.

Step 3: Schedule an appointment

Once you’ve received a personalised quote and are happy to go ahead, just let us know a date and time that suits you, and we’ll schedule the waste collection accordingly.

For same-day rubbish removal in London, please reach out to us prior to 10am. We’ll do our best to fit you in and clear your waste before the end of the day.

Step 4: Clearance

On collection day, we’ll arrive on time, ready and equipped to handle your rubbish removal. Make sure we have access to your unwanted items, then we’ll handle everything else—from loading to disposing of it.

Step 5: Recycling

All waste is dealt with in the most eco-friendly manner possible. We will transport your unwanted items to the closest reuse or recycling centre, or to an appropriate disposal site (depending on the type of waste). With your consent, items in decent condition will be taken to charity or second-hand shops. 

What do we do with the waste we collect?

At Rainbow Rubbish Removals, we are wholeheartedly committed to environmentally friendly waste disposal and take great pride in our commitment to sustainable waste handling.

All waste we collect goes through a meticulous sorting process and is delivered to a suitable destination, whether that’s a recycling facility, a charity or second-hand shop, or a certified waste centre.

What is the cost of rubbish removal in Brixton?

The cost of rubbish removal in Brixton depends on a number of factors, including: the type of waste, the volume of waste, the service provider, and any additional services you require. 

Please see the table below to get a general idea of the costs associated with our rubbish removal services. 

If you’d like a personalised quote, please get in touch with us today.

Load Loading time Price (Excl. VAT)
Minimum load 10 minutes £50
Flexible load 20 minutes £80-120
Most popular load 40 minutes £130-150
Medium load 50 minutes £220-260
Large load 60 minutes £280 - 320

Where can waste be disposed of in Brixton?

Options for rubbish removal in Brixton typically include:

Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRCs): Lambeth council provides HWRCs for all residents of the Brixton area. A range of waste types can be taken to these facilities, including garden waste, electrical items, furniture, and general household waste. 

Local Council Collections: Lambeth Council also offers rubbish collection services for household waste, recycling, and garden waste. Please bear in mind that there are some restrictions around the waste types accepted and the days on which waste can be collected.

Private Waste Collection Services: Private companies, such as ourselves, provide rubbish removal in Brixton and the surrounding areas. Our services cover a wide range of waste types, including bulky items and hazardous materials. 

When opting for a private rubbish removal company, you’ll also benefit from flexibility — we are available to collect your waste at any time convenient to you. 

Recycling Centres near Brixton

Lambeth Reuse and Recycling Centre
Vale Street
West Norwood
SE27 9PA

Local charities that accept bulky donations


Frequently asked questions and answers about our rubbish removal services in Brixton

Lambeth council charges the following for rubbish removal in Brixton: 

  • £19.70 for up to 2 separate items or 2 bags
  • Additional items cost an extra £9.30 each

Certainly! Rainbow Rubbish Removals provides scheduled rubbish removal services in Brixton. Simply categorise your waste into recyclables, reusable items, heavy items, and toxic waste. Our team of waste removal experts will pick up your sorted waste and appropriately dispose of, donate, or recycle it.

Council recycling centres generally accept the following: 

  • Paper and card
  • Bottles
  • Cans
  • Car and household batteries
  • Appliances
  • Metals
  • Textiles
  • Lightbulbs

Please see here for a full list of items that are accepted at Lambeth Household Rubbish and Recycling Centre.

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