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The cost of mattress removal: Everything you need to know before booking a service

Updating your bedroom with a new mattress is always a good thing. With the ever-growing product improvements and newer models coming out constantly, you just can’t help but invest in a better version for your boudoir. With all of this being said, what happens with the old mattress? Of course, if you can’t find a way to remove it from your property, for example, by giving it away, selling it or disposing of it in a waste facility, your only option (and to be honest – your best one) is to book a professional mattress removal service, right?

Needless to say, you are probably wondering how much will it actually cost you to get a mattress removed? We, at Rainbow Rubbish Removals, are going to answer this question with this short, yet very helpful article. 

The cost determining factors of a mattress removal service

The different waste removal service providers have their different ways in which they calculate the cost of mattress disposal. Most commonly, the price quote they’ll provide you with is based on 4 factors: the size of the mattress; the number of items you need removed; the disposal method they use; the appointment type. Below you’ll find detailed information, covering each individual factor and how it affects the cost of mattress disposal: 

The size of the mattress

The bigger the size of the mattress, the harder it’s going to be to get the item removed from the property. And that’s only half of the story. The waste removal company may also need to send a bigger team with a larger vehicle, which can also fatten up the cost of the mattress removal service. So, if you have a king size mattress, chances are that you’ll also have the “pleasure” of paying a king size price for the disposal solution.

The number of items

If you have not one, but two or three mattresses that you want disposed of, this can also affect the end price of your removal service. After all – we are talking about double or triple the labour, especially when we combine it with a bigger type of mattress. 

The disposal method

Before you decide on a company that will remove your mattress, you need to take into account the method they are going to use to dispose of your furniture piece. If the removal team dumps the mattresses they collect in a nearby landfill, there is a huge chance that the company pays very hefty fees to dispose of the items in the facility, which can end up in your price estimate.

On the other hand, if the waste removal service provider goes the eco-friendly route and relocates the items in a recycling centre, the fee they are going to pay is going to be less, meaning that your service is going to be more budget-friendly. 

The type of appointment

Like with all things in life, if you want something done fast, you need to pay more for it. The same applies for mattress removals service prices. The math is pretty simple – if you need your old furniture removed ASAP, this will affect the cost of the mattress removal service, typically making it a lot bigger. If you want your mattress disposed of a week from now and on a Wednesday afternoon, your quote will be way different. Same applies for weekend appointments, if the company of your choice even offers them (not many of them have full-week availability). 

How Rainbow Rubbish Removals does mattress removal

This article is not going to be complete if we don’t tell you how Rainbow Rubbish Removals does professional mattress disposal in London.

First, let’s start off with our pieces:

As you can see, the cost of mattress removal in our company is budget-friendly, which is always good news for anyone looking to have their item removed from the property. Price aside, we take pride in every aspect of our service, because we’ve made sure that it is:

  • Easy to schedule;
  • Flexible in terms of appointments;
  • Performed by insured waste removal experts;
  • Environmentally friendly; 
  • Just convenient. 

Interested in learning more about the service or downright booking? Then just follow this link to visit our professional mattress disposal service page! 


Finding the right furniture removal company to dispose of your old mattress may sound like an easy task, but when it comes to picking the best one for your budget, investing time to research your service provider options is more than just recommended – it’s necessary. With this in mind, we, at Rainbow Rubbish Removals, hope that you found our article on the cost of mattress removal helpful in your choice and wish you a hassle-free service experience!

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