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Tidying Up Your Garden? 7 Ways To Manage Your Space

Gardens have been a lifeline for most of us this year. Now that you can finally welcome your friends and family back into your personal space, it’s high time you gave your garden some love before the visitors arrive. 

Tidying up your garden may be as simple as trimming away a few branches and clearing out a few pots, but sometimes it’s so much more than that. You might want to make way for a new summerhouse, grow a herb garden or make your garden look more alive. 

Whatever your reasons for having a spruce up, here are 7 ways to manage your space:

Take a good look around

Gardens are a hotspot of activity for insects, bugs and all manner of organisms. But they are also an extension of your home—an outside window to the bigger world that is all yours. So take a moment to take it all in. Look for what parts stand out. Is there a particular bush or plant that catches your eye? What areas are the most noticeable?

Not unlike bumblebees, guests like to gather in particular spots, and when the suns out, shady areas often become your garden’s most sought after feature. So walk around, look out for the spots that are going to cause problems, such as:

  • Overhanging plants
  • Dead tree limbs
  • Tall, invasive weeds
  • Broken patio stones

Whether you need to hire a tree surgeon to take care of any risky branches or rework the trouble spots with some fresh seasonal blooms, you can easily make your garden look more attractive. 

Top tip: Perennials are a good solution for wilting borders and give a bright colour burst during the summer months. 

Give your grass some love

Patchy and burnt grass can be an instant buzz kill and instantly reveals an uncared for garden. Fortunately, lawn care isn’t anywhere near as complex as tree care. All you need to do is: 

  • Mow, trim and edge
  • Get crisp edges between each bed and the lawn
  • Don’t leave it too long between mowing – more sunshine will make grass grow more quickly

Simple and clean spaces

One of the best secrets to a luscious-looking garden is to keep it simple Don’t overthink it, and don’t overcrowd it. 

Pruning dead branches and removing dead plants, roots and all is the first step to enhancing the look of your garden. Any gaps left in their wake is the perfect opportunity to plant fresh new flowers. 

Then, there are the weeds to consider. Despite what you may think, weeds are only really weeds if they are something you don’t want in your garden. Some of them are obvious to look at, whereas some may be some creeping interloper that at first glance seems quite pretty until most of your garden is full of the stuff!

Pulling out any weeds that have crept in between paving slabs are the easiest ones to remove. 

Outdoor housekeeping

Housekeeping isn’t reserved for the indoors only. A simple sweep of the patio deck will not only clear away any debris, but you’ll be surprised at how much cleaner it looks straightaway. 

With the rise of outdoor rugs sweeping the nation, they are an eye-catching fix to a potentially unsightly problem below. An instant cure to cracked or stained patio slabs, simply position your rug or flower pot over the top, and there you go. 

Giving all of your outdoor furniture a wipe down before use will ensure any outdoor nasties are kept at bay. When not in use, you can easily make your garden look tidier by popping the furniture away in the shed or garage if you can. 

Have a clear out

Outdoor spaces are no stranger to clutter. Outhouses, sheds, and greenhouses can quickly become dumping grounds for unwanted furniture, clothing, toys, and debris. But when left unattended, these areas can become home to unwanted pests if not dealt with. 

The simplest solution is to have a clear out. Sort out what can be recycled, taken to a charity shop or thrown away. You may need to make several trips to your local recycling centre or hire a garden clearance company to take the bulk of the work off your shoulders. 

For anything you wish to keep, store in convenient boxes which can be labelled and safely put away. That way, their contents can stay off the ground away from any pests and stay cleaner in the long run. 

Minimise outdoor toys

Kids love toys. Everything from paddling pools to outdoor rocking horses, basketball hoops to space hoppers, your garden can get filled up in no time. They can also become a bit of an eyesore when left outside to take on the elements unprotected. 

So have a sort out. Get rid of any toys that are no longer played with, and store the others away when not in use. You might even be able to make a spot of cash on the side from various online marketplaces. 

Embrace order

One of the simplest ways to keep everything neat and tidy is for everything to have its own home. Tools belong in a toolbox, outdoor toys in the shed, and unused pots possibly need to go altogether if not in use. 

But there are also the more practical things to look at, such as:

  • Sheds: make sure all doors and locks work, and pain or treat the woodwork
  • Greenhouses: make sure there is no broken glass, and it is safe
  • Gates: keep locks oiled and squeak-free
  • Fences: treat or pain the woodwork every couple of years

If your greenhouse is looking derelict, it might be time to remove it completely and reclaim some of the extra space for plants, convert it into a veg patch or grow a wildflower meadow (even if it’s a small space, the bees will love it!)

Once your garden has been revamped it’s important you do any regular maintenance tasks at least once a month. A great alternative is to hire a trusted garden maintenance company.

Whatever your reasons for tidying up your garden, with a few minor tweaks, you can transform an uninviting space into a bright, welcome addition to your home in no time. What first steps do you need to make?

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