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Letting Go Of Waste: Why You Should Have A House Clearance

House clearance is not a simple task. If you are moving house, you are essentially uprooting your whole life from one place to another. And that’s before you have to pack up all the things you have accumulated over the years. Or you may even be a landlord whose tenants have recently packed up and left, but not before leaving a few choice items that you simply don’t know what to do with behind. 

There are several reasons why we let waste build up in our lives. From hoarding to sentimentality, lack of motivation and more, it’s easy for our belongings to take over our living spaces. Some of it may be the odd newspaper or magazine or a collection of furniture taking up valuable space. 

Letting go of waste may be one of the hardest things to do for some of us, but here’s why you should have a house clearance:

Reclaim your space

Have you ever walked around your home and felt a sense of claustrophobia? Not because you don’t like living there, but due to all the clothes piled up in the corner, untouched boxes from when you moved in three years ago, or an overflowing bookshelf. 

Then there’s the layout of your living room. Do you often find yourself walking into the corner of the coffee table or awkwardly sidestepping your kid’s toybox that is overflowing with several items that are broken or don’t work anymore?

Everything in your home has had meaning at some point. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be there in the first place. But taking stock of how often things are used, from clothes that have been taking up valuable wardrobe space to the uneven table in your kitchen, you may find yourself with a bunch of things that no longer serve a purpose. 

Reclaiming your space is not about stripping it bare of all the things you hold dear. Instead, it’s re-evaluating how useful or worthwhile those things are. 

To protect your loved ones

Anyone who has ever experienced loss knows how challenging the aftermath can be. Dealing with grief is so individual to each person that having to confront your loved one’s belongings is no small feat. It is hard, and it is painful. 

Hiring a house clearance team may be one of the best things you can do during this challenging time. They can take the management process out of your hands so that you can focus on the things that matter most. 

Despite your loss, time may not be on your hands. You may need to clear out an entire house quickly due to tenancy obligations or for peace of mind, or you may have to sell the home. Fortunately, the professionals can deal with the bulk for you, including:

  • Furniture clearance and disposal: wardrobes, beds, mattresses and more
  • Appliance removal: washing machines, dishwashers, microwaves and more
  • Piano disposal
  • Carpet removal
  • Cardboard recycling
  • Various garden waste 

Renovating your home

Knocking down walls, rewiring, plastering, painting and decorating all require space, and having to navigate mounds of unnecessary rubbish and household debris are going to slow down your progress. 

Before you even get started, it’s likely that you are going to need to have a clear out. There’s no point installing a beautiful new kitchen, bathroom or wardrobe if you’re going to clutter it straight back up again when you’re done, right?

Tearing out old kitchen units is a hard enough job as it is without having to dispose of all of the remains after. So, hire in the pros. Get a reputable team to come in at your convenience, and take one massive job off your list. 

Reclaiming control

If you have a growing family, live with a messy housemate or have lived somewhere a while, it’s very easy for order to be thrown out the window. You work long hours, you’re ridiculously tired, and just preparing your dinner each evening is a strain in itself. All that before you sort out your washing, bath your kids or finally sit down at the end of the day. 

When life feels like it’s out of control, your home starts to reflect the chaos you feel too. However, setting aside some time to have a clear-out and clean can be a way to assert some control back into your life. 

What’s more, when you surround yourself with clutter and disorganisation, focusing on simple tasks can be more of a challenge. 

It’s good for you!

Clutter is a natural breeding ground for dust and can quickly aggravate allergies and other health conditions such as eczema, rhinitis and asthma. The biggest culprit is dust mites, and the best way to remove them is to tackle the dust in your home. 

Clearing as many surfaces as you can is the most effective way to keep dust at bay. Reducing down the number of books, potted plants, and cuddly toys will quickly make a difference.

Embrace minimalism

Having a home jampacked with stuff can be a real challenge to keep clean and tidy and is a real dampener for when you have guests in your home. Embracing minimalism not only discourages hoarding but it makes your housework less of a burden. 

Everything you own should have a home of its own so that when you have finished using it, it is out of the way. If it doesn’t belong anywhere specifically, you may want to consider its worth. Do you really need it?

Getting rid of unwanted or unnecessary items will quickly free up more space in your home. It may also allow you to think more creatively about the space you do have. A spare room, for instance, could become a gym or an office, or a place where you can try out your new hobby. 

Letting go of waste is hard for most of us to do. Whether it’s a sentimental reason or just having the time and motivation to have a clear out, having a house clearance is good for you! Are you ready to take back your space?

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