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Old Furniture Clearance: Why Hiring the Professionals is Best

Whether you’ve collected a handful of antique pieces over the years, are moving or renovating your house or simply need to get rid of old furniture, having the right expertise and tools to hand can transform a stressful situation into a positive one. 

Moving heavy, broken or old furniture around is not for the faint-hearted. It’s gruelling, time-consuming work that comes with its own unique set of challenges. Then you have to consider everything from transportation to disposal. 

Want to know a secret? Hiring rubbish removal professionals to handle your old furniture clearance is best. Here’s why:

Minimises risk

Unsurprisingly, professional rubbish removals companies take their jobs very seriously. They are trained to the highest standards, including everything from weight handling procedures and efficient time management skills. So if you have old furniture that needs to be cleared, they will take on the burden of disposing of it correctly according to strict guidelines. 

What’s more, if you have any valuable pieces of furniture that need to be delivered to a reputable dealer, hiring professionals minimises the risk to your goods. They will take great care to wrap and move your furniture, which you would likely struggle to do on your own. 

Any damage to your property through the bumps and scrapes of moving furniture is also reduced, as the pros will know what to look out for and how to handle awkward or breakable items. 

It’s economical

One of the best perks to hiring a professional clearance company is that they will only ever generate a quote based on the amount of rubbish they take away. Unlike traditional rubbish disposal, such as a skip, where you are charged a fixed amount regardless of the amount of waste, you’ll always get a fairer deal. 

Rubbish clearance companies tend to charge minimum fees for various services and packages, as they can sort out reusable items from the waste. So they take care of all the recycling to save you the stress and hassle later on. 

So if you have an odd piece of old furniture to clear or you have a house full, hiring professionals is not only more practical but economical to boot. 

Efficient and quick furniture clearance service

Time is a precious resource that most of us struggle to hold on to. Having to sort through various pieces of furniture, figure out what’s salvageable or valuable and recycle efficiently are all time-consuming tasks. 

Hiring a professional clearance company takes the strain off of you. They can be with you within hours if necessary and will work with speed and efficiency, allowing you peace of mind and a clear home sometimes on the same day. 

No more junk

Not sure what to do with your growing collection of old furniture? Counting down the days when you have some breathable living space again? Well, you’re not alone. Fortunately, the solution is just a quick call or a click away

The best clearance companies around specialise in dealing with a wide range of clutter and rubbish and know their trade inside and out. They will be happy to take any old junk off your hands, such as:

  • Old furniture: regardless of its condition or type
  • Wooden and metal filing cabinets
  • Printers, computer screens and all the wires and accessories that come with them
  • Office stationery and equipment
  • General waste
  • Construction, garden or renovation waste

Whether you want a completely fresh start, are moving home or wish to claim back valuable space, a professional clearance company can conveniently get rid of all your unwanted waste in a single go.  

Work with you

We all lead busy lives, and all reputable companies know this too. Whether you’ve managed to secure a weekend, an odd evening or simply can’t wait any longer to get your space cleared, the professionals will work their schedule to accommodate you. 

If you are able, knowing ahead of the game how much old furniture and any extra waste you want to dispose of before securing a slot, will help the rubbish removal company work even more efficiently. But don’t overthink it. Flexibility is at the heart of every job, regardless of the volume or amount of rubbish you need to be cleared. 

Minimise emotional stress

If you have recently suffered a loss or have decided to let go of some of your more sentimental items, we all know that this comes at a great personal cost. The practical task of sorting out your loved one’s belongings is challenging and can cause intense emotional strain. 

Hiring professionals to manage your house clearance or the removal of select items of old furniture and more will give you one less thing to worry about at an already challenging time. 

Furthermore, rubbish removal companies are often called in during some of life’s more difficult moments. They will be well prepared to oversee your clearance with care, respect and sensitivity. 

Boosts mental wellbeing

As well as disposing of your old furniture in the most environmentally friendly ways, clearing unwanted rubbish and old furniture from your living space is better for your mental health and well-being. 

Amazingly, the more junk you surround yourself with, the less motivated and energised you will feel. Clutter can affect everything from your anxiety levels, how well you sleep and your ability to focus on straightforward tasks. It can trigger coping and avoidance strategies that are detrimental to your overall health and significantly reduce productivity. 

Although there are no quick fixes to long-term health problems, clearing out any unnecessary junk from your life will instantly boost your mental health. That’s where the professionals thrive—taking away all of your rubbish-related burdens and giving you the space you need to rebuild your life. 

Whether you want a fresh start or simply want to get rid of a pile of old furniture, it can be a time-consuming, emotional mission without help from professionals. So why wait any longer? Get on the phone and get your free quote today.

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