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7 Ways to Spruce up the Office

Now more than ever, the office space has become an extension of our homes. It’s a place where life and work meet, and for some of you, the coronavirus pandemic has meant uprooting everything from your work computer and plant pot into your study or living room. 

With lockdown restrictions being lifted, you may have already welcomed everyone back to the office. As your team settles back into the new normal, having a clean, fresh start is all you need to get your team’s productivity back in check!

Not quite sure where to start? Here are 7 ways to spruce up the office:

Declutter your workspace

It’s no secret that the environment you work in affects your productivity. When you are surrounded by piles of old paperwork, dusty computers and broken office furniture, it’s no wonder that you struggle to focus on the task at hand. 

Motivating your team starts with having a clean space where distractions are limited, and stress is minimised.

In light of COVID-19, there has never been a more critical time to spruce up the office. Hiring in a local office clearance company will not only take the pressure off of you, but you can feel rest assured that the highest standards will be used, and your items will be disposed of responsibly. 

Optimise lighting

We all know that prolonged screen time is damaging to your eyes and can leave you feeling sluggish and demotivated. But one of the easiest ways to boost your energy and reduce eye strain is to maximise the natural light you are working with as much as possible. 

Undeniably, some offices simply don’t have the structure to support breezy window treatments and tend to favour original building features due to limited budgets or tenancy agreements. A simple solution when natural light is limited is to opt for bright white bulbs. You’ll notice the difference, as it will instantly boost the whole team’s energy reserves. 

Fauna and flora

Within the last five years, there has been a revived interest in houseplants. Not only do they purify the air and regulate humidity, but they can instantly make you feel better when you are feeling a bit blue. 

A simple way to bring a slice of nature into your home and workplace, houseplants are incredibly low maintenance, and you’ll feel the positive vibes bursting through the office in no time! With one trip to the nation’s favourite Swedish flatpack store or local florist, you can have the whole office kitted out with minimal effort and expense. 

Embrace vision boards

Whether you install individual corkboards for your team members or have one giant communal board, having a visual aid to map out your daily to-dos will increase productivity tenfold. There you can add personal memos and messages, add goals for the future in photo form and more to give you all the motivation and organisation you need. 

Vision boards are great for adding a personal touch and keeping the whole team on task. It allows for collaboration, little nuggets of positivity and ownership. 

What’s more, it breeds creative ideas and opens up a broader conversation. Why not give it a go? 

Practical storage

The root cause of a clutter-filled desk is not having a proper home for everything on it. To minimise productivity-zapping chaos, adding a few neat and tidy storage boxes will instantly organise all your writing utensils, papers to be processed and other miscellaneous office supplies. 

Having a home for everything on your desk will instantly make your space appear more organised and encourages you to keep it that way. What’s more, it gives a better impression to your fellow colleagues and potential walk-in customers. 

Update furniture

Coming back to the office and seeing the same old worn down furniture leaves little to the imagination. But, left for too long, your employees may start to feel undervalued and demotivated by your seeming lack of care. You see, appearances have a lot to answer for, and your team will be more aware of their environment, especially if they have been working from home.

On the surface, updating furniture sounds like an expensive affair. New chairs, tables, lighting – it all comes at a cost. Ultimately though, the best tools you give your staff, the better they can do their job. Whether that looks like a whole office revamp or investing in more ergonomically designed chairs or keyboards, one small gesture goes a long way. 

If you can catch a quiet moment with minimal or no staff on the premises, make an inventory if you haven’t got one already. Evaluate the state of the furniture you have already, and weigh up any potential replacement options. If you want to boost your team’s morale, have a discussion together and find out what realistic improvements they would like to see implemented. 

Invigorating scents

Unsurprisingly, one of the best ways to stay focused and stimulated throughout the day is to ensure none of your senses are neglected. Whether you are working remotely from home, rejoining the team, or working in close proximity to the public, you need to be mindful of the smells wafting through your space. 

By simply dotting a few essential oil diffusers around the office, you can instantly feel more energised, less stressed and more focused than without them. Ensure your scent game is strong with some of these invigorating scents:

  • Peppermint: refreshing, energising and boosts concentration 
  • Citrus: uplifting and de-stressing power
  • Rosemary: promotes productivity and increases memory, mood and focus
  • Lavender: calming effect on anxiety, restlessness and depression

Whatever scents you go for, try and stick to the most naturally based oils so that they do not overpower the office! 

The past year has undeniably seen its fair share of highs and lows. You may have lost loved ones, your job, had to balance homeschooling and work. That’s before you consider the cost of COVID. 

Sprucing up the office has never been more relevant. Are you ready to hit the ground running?

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